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Cybersecurity Awareness






74% of Data Breaches are Due to Human Error.
Statistic reference: 2024 DBIR Report

 Welcome to Infinity Cyber!  

Your cybersecurity awareness training begins here!

Every organization needs a cybersecurity awareness training plan. 


At Infinity Cyber, we develop cybersecurity play books and lead cybersecurity training sessions for staff and management in small and medium businesses. For over 10 years, Infinity Cyber CEO, Sonya Goulet, has been passionate about cybersecurity while promoting awareness and delivering training programs to the public and private sector including K-12, Universities, Medium Businesses, Fortune 500 companies and US & International Militaries.


Infinity Cyber was founded on a passion for community and delivering programs at an affordable price to protect the entire digital ecosystem.   

Our vast experience and leading experts agree that teaching new concepts with a personal touch is critical for employee engagement. A fun and engaging approach in facilitating short, scenario-based sessions will ensure active participation and understanding from every employee. 


We are excited to work with you to build your strong and safe business!

Sonya from Infinity Cyber

Sonya Goulet

Awareness Topics Listed Below

Who We Help

Every Employee at:



Private Sector


Public Sector

Small & Medium Businesses



How We Do It

Provide an employee assessments.


Offer engaging training sessions to employees. 

Provide employees with the right tools. 


Present information in a digestible, actionable way. 

Deploy shorter sessions to reduce the training load on employees.



What's in It for You?

Reduce Your Cyber Security Risk

       by up to 70%.

Helps Employee Morale.

Save Time & Money.  


Enhance Security Posture.


Increase Compliance.


Retain Customer Trust.

Password & Authentication

Learn tips to enhance strong security for user accounts.

Data Management &

Adapt data management standards and the importance of a disaster recovery plan.

Work remotely and secure Home best Practices

Learn all the best tips on securing the home office.

Mobile Device Security

Learn best practices on how to protect mobile devices.


Learn key tips and steps to protect your organization from Ransomware attacks.

Privacy & RISKS 

Client privacy needs to be protected. Compliance for your organization is required.

Phishing Risks

Learn to recognize red flags of incoming messages and follow best practices.

Cloud Security

Best industry practices to keep client data secure

AI & Chat GTP Risks

Using generative AI? Learn a risk management approach for all staff to safely use any AI tools.

Social Media Best PRactices

Learn the best safety and security protocols.

Cyber Threat Landscape for SMB

Threat landscape is evolving and your staff need to be equipped with the latest tools to mitigate company data loss.

Report Phishing, Scams or Fraud, Vulnerability:

If you have received a phishing attempt, or suspect that you may be a target of a scam or fraud, report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre  or
through their Fraud Reporting System.

Vulnerability Reporting: Canadian Centre for Cybersecurity

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