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Infinity Cyber is Leading in the Cybersecurity Awareness Training Space. 


Infinity Cyber CEO, is an international cybersecurity educator, innovator, and strategist.


She founded Infinity Cyber with the feeling that a dynamic, more engaging approach could be brought to the cybersecurity learning experience. She felt small to mid-size businesses deserved access to cybersecurity knowledge and tools typically reserved for large companies and government agencies. Infinity Cyber is the exact right company to deliver that knowledge.


Prior to finding Infinity Cyber, Sonya Goulet was a leader in the field of cybersecurity training, working internationally with industry-leading companies to manage cybersecurity training programs and strategies for mid to large-size companies, state and federal government agencies.


Sonya’s management background includes project management and cybersecurity training expertise at SNC-Lavalin and SANS Institute. She was hand-picked in 2012 by the executive team at Merit Network, a worldwide leader in networking and internet technologies, to lead a revolutionary new cybersecurity initiative. On November 9, 2012, Sonya, alongside her team and the Michigan Governor launched the world’s largest and publicly accessible cyber range.

As Program/Operations Manager, Sonya managed  a 40-person team across multiple departments that brought about fundamental change to cybersecurity delivery. Through her leadership, the MCR delivered training systems and exercises to all sectors that previously had no access to.

Sonya, CEO and Founder of Infinity Cyber Awareness Training.

Sonya Goulet, CEO

Michigan Cyber Range (MCR) would open cybersecurity hubs across the United States including various state universities and the first-ever unclassified cyber training installation at four U.S. National Guard bases. They would create over 80 cyber training programs, launch more than forty industry-recognized certifications, and initiated five ground-breaking cybersecurity exercises, ultimately being recognized by NIST, a cybersecurity governing agency.

ColinPowell and Sonya at leadership conference in Canada.

Colin Powell, Former United States Secretary of State

 Throughout the years, Sonya’s invaluable leadership and contribution to the cybersecurity world have helped see corporate heads, state and federal leaders prepare cybersecurity professionals to better detect and prevent cyberattacks in real-world settings. Her focus now at Infinity Cyber is to bring that unique skill set and voice to the small and mid-size businesses, endeavoring to have her human-centered approach to how cybersecurity plays a role in the success of the everyday entrepreneur.

Michigan Cyber Range (MCR) partners would come to include Fortune 500 corporations such as DTE Energy and state government entities such as Michigan State Police and Consumers Energy, the State Departments of Michigan, Florida, Georgia, and Ohio, and federal government agencies, U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Clients & Partners Sonya has worked with:

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