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 Staff Awareness Training Is A Necessity. 

Reduce Your Company Risk Today!

Canadian Money

Protect Your Assets & Save Money

Ransomware attacks impact nearly all industries of all sectors and sizes -

The share of breaches caused by ransomware grew 41 percent in the last year and took 49 days longer than average to identify and contain.

It takes an average:

222 days

 to identify a breach.  

(IBM, 2023)  

Employees Discussing Cybersecurity

Employees-Your First Line of Defense!

A security awareness training program can educate everyone.
Infinity Cyber offers a hands-on training approach that reduces the human risk. 

To strengthen organizational security, staff must receive cybersecurity awareness training to stay compliant under ISO 27001.

Canada - everyone needs security training

Need to Protect Customers' Trust

Client data must be protected!


KPMG research found 84% of Canadians will consider taking their business elsewhere if a company fails to keep their data safe.

Digital Business staying Secure

Cyber Crime is Contually Evolving

Social engineering attacks, like Phishing, for example–are much more commonly aimed at small businesses.

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